Two separate iPhone part suppliers have leaked nearly identical-looking versions of what appears to be a backplate for Apple's next iPhone, both of which support rumors of the device's lengthened body and redesigned dock connector. Parts supplier iFixyouri has provided 9to5Mac with what appears to be a black backplate for a new iPhone, showing the phone's form factor and a smaller dock connector port, and extra room at the bottom of the shell which the supplier says will be used by Apple for enhanced speakers. 9to5 Mac notes that iFixyouri is the same group that was the first to report that the iPad 2 would be offered in white.

Additionally, as Engadget reports, parts supplier uBreakiFix has provided similar photos of a white iPhone shell, which share identical features to iFixyouri's photos, except for styling on the bottom edge of the case (the white model is perforated, while the black model's audio ports are slatted). The backplate's length seems to support earlier rumors that a new iPhone will come with a 3.95-inch screen at a wider resolution of 1136 x 640. This could, of course, all be some elaborate ruse (or just a prototype) — but the rumors are looking more likely.

Update: 9to5 Mac has provided additional higher-resolution photos showing both the black and white backplates, and some additional details. The shell shows an earphone jack that's been relocated to the bottom of the device, and both models show a perforated speaker design. Additionally, 9to5 Mac says it's obtained an alleged black frontplate that shows a relocated FaceTime camera above the earpiece.