Amazon has just announced the launch of Instant Videos for Xbox 360, just a few months after the company brought its streaming video services to Sony's PlayStation 3. Xbox Live Gold members who also are subscribed to the $79 / year Amazon Prime service now have access to the service's 17,000 movies and TV episodes; those who aren't Prime subscribers can still purchase any streaming video content Amazon has to offer and easily watch it through their Xbox 360. There's also a featured called "Watchlist," which lets you manage your queue and purchased content into a playlist from your computer. Unsurprisingly, users can use the Kinect to navigate the Amazon app, as well as use the more traditional remote-driven interface. There's also WhisperSync functionality built-in, which lets users start a video on one device (like the Xbox 360) and continue it from the same spot on a second device (like a Kindle Fire). Unfortunately, you still can't purchase content through the app — you'll need to do you purchasing on a computer.

This is just the latest in a string of content infusions the Xbox 360 has received this year, including the recently-launched HBO Go app as well as the controversial Xfinity On Demand app. The app should be available today, and users can try a free one-month Amazon Prime membership if they want to check out the Prime Instant Video library before making a commitment.