If you're a photographer living in Mahattan, tonight marks one of the most unique opportunities you'll get to shoot some distinctly NYC-flavored photos. As our favorite astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson writes, today is the first occurrence of "Manhattanhenge" — the fortuitous occasion in which "the setting Sun aligns precisely with the Manhattan street grid, creating a radiant glow of light across Manhattan's brick and steel canyons, simultaneously illuminating both the north and south sides of every cross street of the borough's grid."

Today at 8:15pm marks the first day of the year in which you can experience this phenomenon; you'll also be able to see it tomorrow, Wednesday May 30th, as well as on July 11th and 12th. If you're interested in getting your own photos of "Manhattanhenge," Dr. Tyson helpfully points out some of the best options for taking shots — the best cross-streets include 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd, 57th. For anyone who may be heading out tonight to try and capture this rarity, please share your best shots over in our forums. Michael Shane, photographer and editorial assistant extraordinaire (who captured some spectacular shots of the Space Shuttle Enterprise last month) will be taking his own and posting them later tonight right here.