Show us your photos of Manhattanhenge!

If you're a New Yorker with an affinity for the goings-on in our solar system, you're undoubtedly aware that tonight (May 29, 2012, for those late to the party) is the summer's first occurrence of Manhattanhenge.

Never heard of Manhattanhenge?


Manhattanhenge – sometimes referred to as the Manhattan Solstice – is a semiannual occurrence during which the setting sun aligns with the east–west streets of the main street grid in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The neologism is derived from Stonehenge, where the sun aligns with the stones on the solstices with a similarly dramatic effect.

If you're reading this now I'm probably getting ready to make some pictures or processing RAW files, but I'll share a few photos shortly.

Did you head out tonight and point your lens due west across Manhattan? Share your photos below!

UPDATE: After a staggeringly clear day (with blistering heat to match) a front of opaque storm clouds rolled in from the west 20 minutes before sundown. Needless to say, that put the kibosh on Manhattanhenge. Nevertheless, here's a photo, and you may see more from this outing later on the site. If you ended up with an interesting photo, please feel free to share it below!

Click to see a larger version.