Computer hardware designs evolve but some people’s thinking don’t

Hey guys, I wrote this particular article based on a comparison to two other websites. I thought I'd post it here too because it's something that I see showing up on The Verge. Enjoy! Sigh-of-Relief: Upon reading the Verge's coverage of this product I was relieved to find that it was really free of most of the snark and was highly informative. Great stuff Verge writers.

Here are two links to news about a new gadget on the market, the Dell XPS One 27. This one is from Techcrunch and this one is from Gizmodo. After surveying both articles, what differences do you find between the two? What do you think each article says about the publication organization of the individual? Well I could tell you. It shows me that Gizmodo is a more open-minded and evolved thinking tech publication when compared to Techcrunch.

The article is one that is supposed to be introducing Dell's latest foray in to the world of AIO Desktops. But rather than give us a nice clean write-up on how well the device is specced and what benefits it should bring to users who want it, the overall (snarky) tone is that the device is an iMac clone. The author even goes to some lengths to highlight the fact the hole for cables is in an identical location on both devices.

Sure it is incredibly well known, that the majority of major tech journalist and tech bloggers, have Apple devices as their go-to computing devices and some are not ashamed to flaunt it in readers faces that their devices are better than Windows equivalents (Which is wrong as each OS has its own advantages). But to say that the Dell XPS is an iMac clone in the title, in parenthesis is just absolute nitpicking.

Why can't people get over the fact that by now, if a design is seen to be the great way to go, quite naturally manufacturers will want to go down that route! Apple doesn't send any official letters to Acer or Dell asking them why their devices are that similar in form-factor, so why do tech journalists like to take the liberty to do so? In fact, I believe that internally, Apple must be proud that the design they came up with is so largely influencing the computing industry and that gives testimony of their wonderful hardware design department headed by Sir. Jony Ive (The same way Microsoft's Joe Belfiore was flattered with iOS feeding off some Windows Phone features). Was Apple's iPhone the first smartphone to use the slab form-factor? Nope! Was there a bunch of hullabaloo about lack of originality on Apple's part? Nay. I believe it's about time we move from judging devices by the form factor of their being and judge them by their innards and how they actually operate in reality. Let the device do the talking and you can laugh in secrecy as much as you want if you realize that the device doesn't match up to it's OSX running counterpart.

And no. It doesn't look identical to the iMac.

Dell XPS One 27 vs. iMac 27

By the way, the XPS looks like a really sweet AIO! If I were going for an AIO right now I'd probably go with that one. With Windows 8 right around the corner, this 27inch (2560x1440), Ivy Bridge toting device with a 2TB HDD, 4Geebees of RAM (expandable to 16) with discrete graphic and Blu-ray options seems VERY well proofed for the future.