Speaking at the All Things Digital D10 conference this evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook provided new insight into the company's manufacturing practices in both the US and China. In response to a question of whether or not Apple could or would invest in US manufacturing, Cook offered added background to the company's US operations, stating:

This is not well known, but the engine for the iPhone and the iPad are built in the US. ...not just for the US but for the world. The glass on your iPhone is made in a plant in Kentucky.

Cook's comments fall in line with previous reports, which claimed that Apple is utilizing a Texas-based Samsung plant to produce its A5 and A5X mobile processors. He went on to discuss whether or not more of Apple's efforts could be relocated to the US:

The truth is, the tool and die maker skill in the US began to go down in the late 60s, early 70s, and how many tool and die makers do you know in the US now? I could call a meeting around the United States and say, every tool and die maker come to this room tonight, we wouldn’t fill the room. In China, you would need several cities to fill with tool and die makers. And so, there has to be sort of a fundamental change in the education system and etc to bring back some of this. But there are things that we can do and that’s what we’re working on doing. And semiconductor business is fantastic in the United States. You know, we should do more semiconductors in the United States. The Corning glass in Kentucky. This is fantastic and so, we will do as many of these as we can do and you can bet that we will use the whole of our influence to do it.