In an interview at the D10 Conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to criticism of the iPhone 4S' voice recognition software, Siri, telling attendees that the company has "a lot of people working on it" and that it plans on "doubling down" on the feature. While Cook did not provide any specific information about forthcoming updates, he did suggest larger feature expansions were on the way.

But there’s more that it can do and we have a lot of people working on this and I think you’ll be really pleased with some of the things that you’ll see over the coming months on this. The breadth you’re talking about. We’ve got some cool ideas about what Siri can do.

A recent report suggested that iOS 6 would include the introduction of Siri APIs, giving app developers the ability to integrate the voice assistant directly into apps. Apple is expected to discuss the latest version of iOS at its annual WWDC keynote, which was announced earlier today for 10am PST on June 11th.