Microsoft revealed today that it plans to open a new research lab in the heart of New York City. Based in Manhattan, the lab will focus on a variety of research including computational and experimental social science, algorithmic economics, and machine learning. An initial team of 15 researchers will assemble in New York where it's expected they will develop new research techniques and be involved in the startup and hack / make communities.

Three key founding members used to work at Yahoo research, and Microsoft appears to have hired as many as 14 of its 15 researchers from Yahoo, following layoffs at the organization recently. A Microsoft Research lab might be new to New York City, but the company has 12 other labs across four continents, producing research that has led to inventions like Kinect. Microsoft has been promoting a range of its research work recently, so we'll be sure to keep a close eye on its New York work to see where the future of Microsoft's technology is heading.