Now I'm frustrated - why are there no good highend Android phones?

I'm currently using the Samsung Nexus-S, before that the original HTC Desire. I really hoped to upgrade to the Galaxy S3...but wtf?

All I want from a phone:

*) decent camera -> Galaxy Nexus fails
*) on screen (virtual) Buttons -> One X + S3 fail
*) not too shitty skin -> One X + S3 fail
*) decent materials -> Galaxy Nexus + S3 fail
*) not toooo big screen -> S3 fails

Is it really that hard to build a decent high end android smartphone? I think the only option right now is the Galaxy Nexus for me. The S3 fails nearly all of my requirements. The One X with cyanogen mod would be ok if there weren't these stupid hardware buttons without a menu button.

Man....I'm really loosing it here. I want a new phone so badly but there simply aren't any viable options out there. And I'm sick of waiting too. Waiting for windows phone to catch up? -> meh....waiting for the iPhone to get a bigger screen? -> meh....