Samsung Galaxy S3 - Successes and Failures

We've all caught up on Galaxy S3 news, but here's what stands out to me:


  • 2100mah battery which is also REMOVABLE. Big one here.
  • Quad Core Exynos looks to be super smooth in the videos I've seen.
  • Wireless 'resonance' charging. I've been looking forward to this tech to be more widespread.
  • microSD card slot - always nice to have expandable storage.
  • TouchWiz features look amazing. I've always been a fan of the toggles in the notification shade, and it looks like a lot has been built in like S-Voice, popup video, quick Camera launch from anywhere, etc. that will definitely increase useability and convenience.
  • Screen size - this is a success or failure, depending on who the user is. For me, it's a plus.


  • SAMOLED screen is still pentile. Doesn't bother me on my Galaxy Nexus, but standard RGB is always better.
  • Design - IMO, not as aesthetically pleasing at the HTC One X or One S, which are two beautiful devices.
  • Size - some will think the S3 is too big.

Overall, I think this will still keep Samsung on top. The bigger battery, expandable storage, and new TouchWiz features will definitely interest the crowds IMO. What are your thoughts? Will you get this or the HTC One series?