Geek rage at the GSIII

gDrive link for side by side pics:

An Honest rant from an android lover:

So the GSIII was announced today and my first reaction when I saw the pictures was "oh god please let this be a joke" (P.S you’ll hear me comparing the GSIII to the One X a lot in this post, but that is because that’s another top dog of android right now.) This is my opinion about the GSIII. Yes it is true I do not have the device, but this is my reaction to the press shoots.

Some of the things that ticked me off the most:

The super ugly looking camera on the back, I don’t care much it freaking looks like a pebble. It’s my phone, not a freaking rock use to throw at someone. The GSII camera looked great; the nexus S camera look great, even the galaxy nexus camera look pretty decent. That freaking ugly looking lump of cancer just looks horrible. Take a look at the HTC one X camera; it looks great even if it sticks out a bit. Putting the speaker phone next to the camera? Seriously? I understand symmetry is important but that is just stupid (and did I mention it looks ugly?).

The long home button is a disaster. I don’t need a long home button; my fingers are not that fat. That thing sticks out like a sore thumb, an ugly cancer ridden sore thumb.

No on screen buttons

I never understood the point of soft touch buttons. Ever since I got my first android device I question the point of soft touch buttons. It’s not like one can physically feel them. From what I understand, why anyone would put soft touch keys in the days of 4.0 is to increase the usable screen size. But you screwed that up too. What is up with that space between the button and the screen? That just adds to the length of the phone. The One X has soft keys, but its evenly spaced and not a mile away from the screen. It also doesn’t stick out its home button.

That plastic looking shell is ugh… god save me. If HTC can do polycarbonate shell, why can’t you Samsung? Huh?

Everything an android specs geek loves in an ugly shell.

microSD, removable battery, NFC, Quad core processor, wireless charging, big screen with 720p display, thin and light weight. It’s (almost) everything anyone can ask for, but dammit Samsung the thing is ugly.

I never thought I would be the one to hate on the GSIII. As a proud owner of the Galaxy Nexus, I’m truly disappointed.