HTC won this round



We all have eyes, the samsung galaxy s III is Hideous. It's NOT that it has plastic materials, that is and always shall be a garbage attack on the phone, it's that the design is fugly. They took the WORST designed variant of the galaxy s II, the Tmobile versions, upsized it, and used THAT as the basis for their flagship...



The tmobile design on the right is what they went with, and as you can see, it is the worst looking variant of the 3, BY FAR.

I saw some of the video Vlad had comparing his HTC ONE X next to the gsIII, and honestly, the screen on the HTC ONE X looked better, it was clearer and brighter. Superamoled has been leapfrogged... by lcd tech. Samsung needs to pull something out that's even better if they want to keep up and they failed.

The iphone 4s reveal was LAZY since apple just copy pasted their design, this is worse than lazy, it does not even maintain the status quo, it retards the design of the galaxy s series to some grotesque atavistic state.

Samsung is not apple, they won with the gsII on the merits, it was the best android phone around when it hit and for MONTHS after in both design and speed. They don't get to literally rest on their laurels like apple and coast and still rake in sales just because "we're Samsung." And they are about to get a hard lesson in that discrepancy with this launch.