The White House will webcast a summit titled Building Cybersecurity Partnerships and Promoting Voluntary Action: Stopping Botnets this morning to discuss methods of countering the growing threat from malware and botnets. The summit involves industry leaders, consumer advocates, and US Government officials, who will announce "new and revitalized initiatives." According to CNET, the initiatives will form a nine-point plan that covers sharing more information to identify botnets, as well as detailing how they intend to help customers to remove malware from their computers.

Proceedings will be hosted by the White House's cybersecurity organizer Howard Schmidt, who retires from the position tomorrow. The event will be webcast live at 8:30AM EDT, so if you're interested to know how the industry intends deal with cybersecurity issues and, perhaps more importantly, how that affects you and your privacy, tune in via White House Live.