Amazon's LoveFilm streaming service has signed a deal with NBCUniversal which gives its users exclusive access to Universal Pictures movies during the second subscription pay TV window (SSPTW). It's not clear how many titles the deal extends to, but Amazon name-dropped a number of movies in its press release announcing the partnership. LoveFilm customers will soon be able to enjoy titles like Fast Five, Bridesmaids, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and Robin Hood.

In the UK, there are a total of six windows between a movie's theatrical release and its eventual appearance on terrestrial television, and the second pay window is the final chance for a movie company to make some money before it lands on free-to-air channels. Rather than competing on pricing or features, Netflix and LoveFilm have been signing various exclusive SSPTW deals. LoveFilm is in the lead with exclusive deals with Warner Bros., Universal, and now NBCUniveral, whereas Netflix counts MGM and Lionsgate among its partners. We're sure it won't be too long until Netflix announces its next move, and in the meantime, UK citizens will be stuck with two incomplete streaming services.