Mac OS X calendar app Fantastical's latest update adds Reminders integration, rolling out the feature even before Apple. Reminders, Apple's version of to do list, are already available on iOS 5 and will be in OS X Mountain Lion when it releases. Fantastical 1.3 also syncs with iCal and iOS, updating your calendar and to do lists across all devices without having to keep iCal open.

For those unfamiliar with Fantastical, the app lets you quickly add calender events via a menu bar pop-up using a "natural language engine" (it understands to file "remind me to call the bank" as a reminder to call the bank). The app also syncs up with other calendar accounts like Outlook, Google Calendar, and Yahoo! Calendar. Fantastical is available now for $19.99 in the App Store, and for those who have already purchased it the update is free.