From the Core to Army.

Hey guys,

I'm new to the android army, in fact, I always pegged myself as more of an iPhone kinda guy, for the "it just works" factor they posses. The last smartphone I had was a Palm Treo 800, and it was very buggy to say the least. I really wanted to avoid the constant digging on forums and troubleshooting. I just wanted to use my phone and be not worry about anything else.

My perception of android was that it needed a bit of work to get everything to work great, it doesn't help that in comments on sites like this when anyone talked about the shortcomings of android the solution was always "root it and flash a cyanogen or some other custom rom."

My grandma always sends her old phones to us we she upgrades, this time a shiny, almost new, epic 4g came in the mail. I was rocking a Sanyo Taho at the time (It's a pretty sweet phone, you should probably look it up) and my dad offered me the epic.

So here I am, new phone in hand, it was android, but it was better than nothing right? Oh yes. It didn't take long for me to decide to root it, I just wanted to get rid of some of the stock apps Sammy and Sprint would like you to use. It wasn't long after I rooted that I thought about flashing a fancy new ROM. I decided that CM7 looked like a good fit. It was reliable, and most importantly fast. I didn't have much of an issue with touchwiz, but it definitely had moments were you could see the drag it put over the system.

Right before I was about to flash CM7, I came across CM9. Watched a couple videos to see how buggy it was if at all. I decided if I was gonna flash something I might as well go big or go home right?

I'm a convert. ICS is awesome. My perceptions of Android have done a 180 (sort of). And I can't see myself ever switching to an iPhone. Would I recommend iOS to people? Absolutely. It's for the people who don't want to worry. And that's okay. But of there's a little piece of you that has a shred of geekiness by all means get an android and get to it.