Vergecraft event: Invaders of the Void


Humans went searching for answers in the End, but what they found now threatens the world of Vergecraft. While constructing a night club in the End's vast void, a group of adventurers awoke an ancient terror: the Prime Ender Dragon. For two days his dragon minions have besieged the precious spawn Nexus, forcing players into an emergency holdout with thinning ranks of defenders and few reinforcements. The Prime Ender Dragon plans to pour forth the legions of the void — terrifying creatures that will ravage Vergecraft's lands and topple its monuments.

Unless, of course, you're prepared to help us stop it.

The Event

On Saturday, June 2nd, the Prime Ender Dragon will unleash his vast legions of terrifying creatures on the world of Vergecraft — including powerful Ender Dragon captains capable of tearing through structures and delivering fatal blows in an instant. Players of all types will need to work together to defend civilization, and defeat the Prime Ender Dragon. Make no mistake: this will be challenging.

Leadup to Saturday

Dragon minions have been harassing Verge City and outlying areas since Tuesday, and will continue to do so until Saturday, when the Void Rift opens with armies that will occupy key areas in Vergecraft. Players are encouraged to band together and destroy these Dragons to gain vital experience that will assist in Saturday's battle.

  • Anything that happens leading up to Saturday's event will not be reversed! Until the event, Dragons will not do physical damage to the world. All experience and items earned will stay with your character.
  • Verge City is the primary target for Dragons, though some have been spotted in surrounding areas. Players are encouraged to avoid Verge City if they do not wish to encounter Dragons.
  • Players are encouraged to stock the emergency bunker with armor, bows, arrows, and other items that may be useful for Saturday's event.

Saturday, 6PM ET

On Saturday, the server will reset at 5:50PM ET, at which point all changes will be locked, and the whitelist deactivated. We'll restore the server afterwards so that the insane structural damage doesn't stick. ALL MINECRAFT PLAYERS WILL BE WELCOME TO JOIN IN THIS EVENT, even if you are not on the Vergecraft whitelist.

Event Progression

  • The primary objective is to defeat the Prime Ender Dragon. This creature is rumored to have over 8,000 hit points and is able to inflict lethal damage instantaneously.
  • To spawn the Prime Ender Dragon, players will be required to defeat the Dragon Captain that guards the Void Obelisk — a stronghold for invaders. To provoke the Dragon Captain, players will have to ascend the Void Obelisk and defeat the creatures within. Upon defeating the Dragon Captain, the Prime Ender Dragon will occupy the summit of the Oceana Mega-Pyramid.
  • Players will begin at Verge City, where they will be forced to repel an initial wave of Dragon raiders. No warps will be permitted during this event, and players must break the Verge City siege to progress!


  • All whitelisted players who participate in the event will receive 4,000 XP, 32 gold ingots, and 16 diamonds after the server is restored.
  • Special rewards will be given out to individual players after the event for their acts of heroism.