With a Chinese version of the Windows 8 Release Preview leaking yesterday, we knew Microsoft was getting close with its latest preview, and now sources have provided us with the actual release date: tomorrow, May 31st. Not only that, but they have also confirmed that the software we'll be seeing will in fact feature Flash bundled into the Metro-based version of Internet Explorer 10.

The information comes on the heels of an accidental leak earlier this afternoon. The Next Web reports that a blog post went live on the Windows Hardware and Driver Developer Blog, written by Microsoft's Chuck Chan. The post touted the new availability of the Windows 8 Release Preview, and while it was timestamped for 3:26PM on May 30th, the text in the post itself actually noted a May 31st release date. Microsoft had promised to release the update in the first week of June, but Redmond will be beating that promise by a day. We'll bring you all of the details on the new release as they become available.