Google Will Change the Phone Market

We all know what Googles original plan was for the Nexus One: sell unlocked phones directly to consumers, and do it at a low cost. Unfortunately the carriers thwarted that goal (as they always do). Then it seems Google took a break from that failed strategy to reaccess the landscape (the Nexus S days). Now we're to the Galaxy Nexus days, which didn't look any different than the Nexus S days, until a few days ago. I like the word days.

Google took most by surprise when they started selling the Galaxy Nexus direct, and for considerably cheaper than you can by it for from carriers, and now today, they are selling accessories. This is just the beginning. The rumors are that we'll see a Nexus tablet sold through the Google Play store, and other rumors are that we'll see multiple Nexus phones from various OEMs later this year. I'm willing to bet both of these rumors are true, as it all falls in line perfectly with the original goal of the Nexus series. I believe that this new tablet, and all these new phones (as well as accessories) will be sold exclusively through the Play store, and for much cheaper than they would otherwise cost. The Play store is a much bigger beast that we thought when the name Android Market was changed. Everyone thought it was just a poor name change, but it was something completely different. It was Google building an actual store. With real items. It's just that nobody knew it at the time.

We all assumed that the Nexus One Dream was lost, but I believe Google has spent the last two years planning a new approach to how they can circumvent the carriers, make the OEMs love them, and change the way the phone market works. And this is the year we'll see it come to fruition. Fruit. lol.

Clarification: Lots of people are saying that folks wont pay full price for a phone. Correct. But what Google has shown with the Galaxy Nexus is that they can sell a phone for cheaper than full price. This whole thing hinges on them selling phones cheap enough that people will still buy them ($300 to compete directly with Verizons prices).