Pre-Paid the way I like it!

So I have had a prescription (pre) for about 10 euro's a month (9,95 euro)....It gives me 150 minutes and something like 250 text's... except it has no celular data.

I turned cellular data off since the data pricing on my pre is horrible since all of it is outside my "bundle" (call + text only)

There are alternative pre's for about 30 - 40 euro I get 300 minutes, 500 text and about 2 Gb / month. These are fine for me however I'm not having a wealthy period and 40 euro's is just to much for me.

Yesterday however a new ISP named *Bliep ( (virtual on T-Mobile network) started and they offer this:

0 euro (per day): receive text, receive calls, make calls from minutes (credits)

0,50 euro (per day): unlimited text, unlimited Ping, unlimited mobile data @ 384 kbps / 64 kbps

1 euro (per day): unlimited text, unlimited Ping, Mobile Data @ 3.6 Mbps / 1 Mbps (2 gb / Month limit) + unlimited calling with other *Bliep users

So for 50 cents a day I get unlimited 3g data on my iPhone @ 384 kbps AND unlimited texting. I pay 0,25 cent per minute if I call, but I get a free minute for every Euro I buy.

When turned's turned off at which point it will cost me 0,- Nada, Nothing, Rien

So at this moment I have paid 11 Euro (1 euro to buy and get Sim + 10 credit)...received an additional 5 euro as a gift = 16 Euro credit gives me 16 available call minutes , 2 gb @ 3.6 Mbps AND unlimited text all for 1 euro a day.

Wanted to show you how wonderfull this all is..... and realized I made a mess of my post....should not start drinking @ 13:00 in the afternoon....