Panasonic has just dished some of the statistics from its Olympics sponsorship this year, the highlight of which is a record-breaking number of TVs provided — over 12,000 — that will span a total display area of 1,730 square meters. That comfortably beats the Beijing Olympics of four years ago, when the relevant numbers were 10,000 TVs and 1,312 square meters, and includes 45 large-screen LED TVs, 47 103-inch plasmas, and two pairs of 152-inch and 145-inch plasma TVs. In Panasonic's words, "anything that has to do with the acquisition or transmission of image" during the London 2012 Olympics will be handled by the company. A small caveat to that statement is that the BBC will be recording and broadcasting some 4K content during the Summer Games that won't be recorded on a Panasonic camera, but Panny will be ready with the displays to show it off.

Other stats of interest include the provision of 200 professional sound systems to 36 Olympics venues, 400 pro broadcast cameras accompanied by 1,000 monitors, 22 DLP projector screens, and 2,500 new CCTV cameras. Panasonic is branding this year's Games as the first Full HD 3D Olympics and will accordingly record over 200 hours of 3D content, which will be made available for networks to broadcast.