Alongside the Windows 8 Release Preview today, Microsoft has confirmed the previously rumored Windows Upgrade Offer. Starting on June 2nd, shoppers who purchase Windows 7 PCs in 131 countries will be eligible to purchase a Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $14.99. The promotion will end on January 31st, 2013 and is designed to ensure Windows 7 users can easily upgrade to the new operating system.

Although a release date for the final copy of Windows 8 is not known, Microsoft also dropped hints today that the company will reach the final stages of the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) process in the next two months, hinting at a possible release in October. Microsoft says it will also announce additional offers in the coming months that are designed to "help consumers with existing Windows 7-based PCs upgrade to Windows 8." We understand that the company will run workshops through its Microsoft Stores in the US, with promotional gift cards made available to participants.