The Unofficial List of Windows Release Preview Problems

This is disappointing. In order to use the Metro IE in the Windows 8 RP, and thus search the internet via the charms bar, Internet Explorer has to be set as the default browser in both desktop and Metro. This is kind of ridiculous- (I think) the two versions of Internet Explorer don't truly communicate at all- so I should be able to use my browser of choice on the desktop. This issue may be alleviated when Mozilla premieres their own Metro browser but right now, I'm forced with IE- not that there's anything wrong with that.


Another issue: the Weather app scrolls vertically, but there's a big problem: the provided hourly forecast stops scrolling like its a roadblock. To actually scroll past the hourly forecast, the mouse cursor needs to be moved out from the hourly forecast's zone to actually move. Annoying bug.


I can't install Fruit Ninja. Love the game, but the Store is acting weird. Also, the messaging apps (email, messaging, people) aren't working for me. -- That's it (for now), have any of you had problems with the build?

EDIT: I have a Bamboo Pen Tablet and the Release Preview has taken out the Tablet PC Input Panel and any settings surrounding pen input in the Control Panel. Anyone know how to get this back?