Amanda Palmer has set a new record for Kickstarter music funding by raising over $470,000 for her new album in just four days. The album has already been recorded with her band, but since breaking from a major label Palmer requires capital for mixing, distribution, manufacturing, and promotion. That's unlikely to be a problem now, though — her goal of $100,000 was met in under seven hours, and there are still 27 days left to contribute to the project.

Pledged amounts range from as little as one dollar for a digital copy of the album to $10,000 for the singer personally flying out to paint a portrait of the backer. Palmer says that Kickstarter-style funding is 'the future of music,' but it's worth noting that the former Dresden Dolls singer has a ready-made and devoted fanbase, like game developer Double Fine before her. Still, successes like this will certainly give record label executives food for thought if they become more frequent.