Who is the Samsung Galaxy S III actually aimed at?

Honest question - I'm not even trolling. I just can't work this out.

People who loved the Galaxy S II?

I'm not seeing it. iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S maybe, Galaxy S to Galaxy Nexus maybe, but is anyone honestly going to look at this device and think "Awesome, it's just like my last one but better!". Given the choice I'd honestly rather get the S II, internals be damned.

People who love Android?

Hardly - they're more likely to pick up a device running stock

People who love Samsung and can't wait to get locked into their devices through all the Samsung-flavored services Android already has?

Do these people exist?

People who think they need the best phone on the market spec wise and don't care for design?

I guess?

I'm genuinely curious as to what demographic of people are going to go and buy this. The S II was a fantastic looking device which really stood out among its peers of Android phones, but this? I'm just really not seeing it have the same effect, nor am I seeing it have a 'leveraging' effect based on the S II's sales simply because it's so differently designed (Read: Worse)

Bonus question: Are any developers going to bother writing anything using Samsung's Samsung-specific APIs?