Nikon's long-awaited D4 and D800 DSLRs were finally released recently, but unfortunately there appears to be some issues with both cameras freezing up during operation. Nikon has just acknowledged the issue, telling Photo District News that "a small number of D4 / D800 users" have reported their cameras locking up and freezing; the company also said it's working on a "permanent solution." In the meantime, Nikon recommends turning off the RGB histogram and highlights features on the display, though there's no explanation as to why those options might be causing the issue. Aside from that fix, the only way to restore the camera to working order currently is removing and re-inserting the battery.

While Nikon's claiming this issue is not widespread, it's surely frustrating to those who've spend so much money on the company's latest and greatest products. At least Nikon owners aren't alone in having troubles with their new cameras — some Canon 5D Mark III owners are also dealing with issues. It seems like both of the biggest DSLR manufacturers could stand to tighten up product testing just a little.