Specs Don't Matter. Again.

The galaxy S3 and the OneX show off a pretty cool thing about the android ecosystem: Specs are back to not mattering.

Remember back in the eclair days how even the beastly (for its time) nexus One couldn't not be a stuttery mess? It was pretty easy to hype up more powerful phones, but when the galaxy S and Droid X came out with significantly more powerful chips, eclair still sucked. It would probably still be awful if you loaded eclair onto a OneX, hell eclair would probably be painful on an i7.

Then, along came froyo. Froyo is when I would say android got out of beta. The Droid 2 was a better experience because of its faster hardware. WIth Froyo, the galaxy S wasn't awful (as much). You could really tell when you were using a more expensive phone.

GIngerbread was in the same boat. I think the galaxy S2 sold so well because gingerbread was an awesome platform to show off how badass the exynos chip was.

Ice cream sandwich is different. I have it on a nexus S and a galaxy nexus, and in daily use, they're pretty much the same. Yeah the Gnex loads webpages a little faster, and the camera is quicker, but the NS is no slouch. Flinging through homescreens doesn't make it obvious which phone is better. I think its telling that you can't tell the difference between the S4 and T3 versions of the OneX. Even the One V looks like it could be a decent phone, even though everything we know about computers says it should be brutal.

I think thats one of the reasons everyone is upset about the GS3. Its clearly designed for a world where specs still matter.