My Take On The Samsung Galaxy S III

I have a deep love for technology. I also have a deep love for creativity; whenever somebody comes up with a great idea or an interesting concept, I'm the first one to support it. Thanks to our nature and the way we think, the key point that matters when we decide wether a new product, a new technology, etc. is good or totally bad is if it was designed with creativity. This has always been the case, and this will still be the case even in 3000 years.

Think of cars, television, and the Internet for example. Without creativeness, all these wouldn't exist. Due to this simple fact, an equally simple rule can be concluded: Creative people rule the world.

Now to the actual point of this article: Apparently, creative people do not exist at Samsung, apparently, Samsung hasn't learned anything from the whole patent lawsuit with Apple, apparently, Samsung has no understanding of its surrounding word.

What makes me think this? Well, look yourself [Image credit: Verge forum user WayAway]:


Strange huh? This picture says everything (let alone the company's new paned retail stores). Too bad, since I had really hoped that after all those enervating battles with Apple, Samsung would do something different - something radically new, something that has the potential to change the perception everyone has of Android smartphones.

Well, stupid me: Instead they came up with what they call the Galaxy S III, the company's new flagship phone. At the official launch event in London, the speakers repeatedly said it's inspired by nature. The true thing is, it's - not for the first time - inspired by different guys. Not only by Cupertino: Seemingly Samsung engineers have a love for HTC's products as well (only to mention a few).

It's sad that everyone who writes such an article has to say that all the time, but: I'm not an Apple fanboy (if you like that word). As I noted at the beginning, I'm a fanboy of ingenuity, imaginativeness, and vision. Even if Samsung had copied all that stuff and actually added some sort of extra value to it, I would have been OK with that. The problem with the Galaxy S III though is that Samsung actually just ripped off what was already there, without offering additional advantages over the competition's products. Or can S Voice do anything that Siri doesn't? Is its more beautiful, or has it got special voice recognition algorithms that help the software understand the user better? No, period.

Samsung just didn't change since the first time they got accused for cloning other's inventions. That's the only thing I could take away from their announcement two days ago. If this were about some unknown Asian (sorry Asians!) company nobody has ever heard of anyway, I'd be OK with that, but it's about Samsung, one of the biggest consumer electronics companies in the world - known for designing great hardware, and at least formerly known for being innovative.

What do you think about that?