I love Apple as a company and thank them for their inspiration in moving the tech world forward...period.

However I do not enjoy using Apple products...mainly due to comfort though.

I suggest them to friends and family as I feel for most people's use...especially if they are new to "heavy tech"...they are the best products.

I, however, am a tinkerer...for this reason I love Android, and I use Windows (I'm too ADHD for Linux, lol though I do like it too, also being a graphic designer the programs that I'm use to do not work as I like with them...even though there are suitable alternatives that are more than sufficient for my needs...)

I use Windows moreso because I'm 100% comfortable with the system...at times I use a Mac when I have to design somewhere and that's all they have...I am completely comfortable with the OS and I think it is beautiful and extremely functional...and being that Windows is going with the Metro look and apparently either dismissing or just not updating the Metro experience I envision a Mac in my future...

The point of this post is really just to speak my mind...

Now, to add a common problem...I do not appreciate how a lot of Apple users view non Apple users as peasants.

And recently I do not like how..BIG...this fanboy war has gotten...and how the respective companies are exploiting these us for marketing purposes.

It is beyond childish...

So this is a white flag of sorts...and a call towards reason.

I posted this on the Apple Core as well.