"Classic" Cellphones, using and buying?

I'm looking for thoughts on classic phones, specifically real world use and purchasing them. Recently I was cleaning up the office I found my old RAZR V3 and a CDMA Moto Q. While watching Paul looking for an old school Nokia, a metric ton of nostalgia has comecome over me, and I've managed to create a potential (exc)use for one!

If you haven't seen it: Paul leaves the internet (via TheVerge)

This summer a few friends and I are heading to the ALMS race at Road America with 3 days of camping on site. The only charge point we'll have regular access I'm aware of is my car, so going old school Nokia or Motorola seems to be a good excuse to pick up an old phone. I currently have an HTC Titan, and while battery life is great for any smartphone I used, it's not up to the task at hand, and a large, heavy phone isn't the best. I'll still have my Titan with me for contacts, and probably use it during the race and whatnot intermittently. The RAZR V3 is out of the running a little because It has some dust under the screen, and I've had it since 2004, kinda over it, even though it's in good shape otherwise.

I currently have AT&T service. For this I'm looking for SMS and phone call capability really. Speaker phone would be nice, but not 100% necessary. WAP browswer might be nice for weather, This may get used in day-to-day life as well if I need to unplug, or as a backup/emergency phone, something to take mountain biking, etc. Stylish is kinda important, using an old ugly phone just says bad things about someone. MMS/Camera is unimportant/unnecessary, but not a bad thing.

Devices that come to mind for better or worse

  • slider Nokias like the in the Matrix
  • Moto SLVR L7 or L9 seems kinda neat, a flat RAZR...
  • Moto PEBL because it's so crazy? Maybe the RIZR Slider?
  • 3320ish device (Snake anyone?) Looks like a 3310 is best for GSM as the 3320 was Amps/D-Amps based.
  • Samsung N200 style phone for GSM?
  • I've never had a Sony Ericsson, and have always lusted after them... W800, W200, W760, W610 anyone?


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Yes, i'm aware of how ridiculous this is. No, I'm not a hipster... I'm willing to pay more for a new/good condition device, more than $100 on this after accessories and what not IS ridiculous though. A snazzy leather case/holster would be great too!



  1. Nostalgic for old school phones recently
  2. 3 day race weekend/Camping trip this summer with questionable power access, gives me excuse to spend money on these crazy thoughts
  3. want great battery life/durable/stylish old school phone
  4. Show me some ideas!