Can I get a replacement?

So here is the deal. I purchased my Lumia 900 with a brand new 2 year agreement. I am extremely happy with everything except the camera. The camera sucks. But I don't think it sucks in general. It would appear that my phone has a focusing problem. I work as a PC Technician and am often sending back customers PCs for RMA. On a laptop it is much more convenient to take a quick pick of the serial/model number so it can be read of to whatever tech support person I am talking to.The camera will not focus. It takes me about 20 shots to just get a clear view of txt. Funny thing is, it shows up fine on the display but instantly gets blurry when I take a pic.

I took a closer look at the camera and noticed that the little piece of glass/plastic covering the camera is not on correctly.. if I lightly push one of the sides with a pen it caves in.

Will this justify getting a new one? Should I go to the store or call customer service?

Another thing I should note is that the silver piece on the back is kind of scratched up.. will this make it difficult for me to get a replacement?