In honor of this year's Star Wars Day, Wicked Lasers has released the LaserSaber — a $100 "blade" that brings George Lucas' vision closer to reality. The company's lightsaber is comprised of a 32-inch polycarbonate wand and aircraft-grade aluminum hilt that attaches directly to the cap of its Spyder 3 series of green and blue lasers. It also features "an ultra smooth magnetic gravity system" that allows the blade to smoothly light up and down, though without the standard Star Wars sound effects.

Wicked Lasers CEO Steve Liu provided more details about the wand in an e-mail to Wired, explaining that laser energy that enters the saber is first diffused within an internal tube, then evenly distributed across the blade. Within the diffuser tube is a metal sphere that's locked into place by a magnet hidden at the top of the blade, and its movements create the "beam-grow effects."

Wicked Lasers insists that the LaserSaber is not a toy, adding that users should wear protective goggles and avoid swordplay. But it also released the following promotional video, in which the LaserSaber looks very much like a toy.