Galaxy S III vs Galaxy Nexus vs HTC One X (EVO 4G LTE) vs iPhone 4s

As the title may give away, I'm on Sprint and I must stay on Sprint. Non-negotiable. So, which one of those phones should I pick? I'm up for an upgrade on June 1st. And the Galaxy S3 most likely won't be released by then. But I'm willing to wait a month or so, but no longer than that. I'm hoping that Samsung meant Sprint when they said a variation would launch in the US in June.


At the current moment, the iPhone 4S has the best design by far. It just looks futuristic. After that is a two way tie between the Galaxy Nexus and the HTC EVO 4G LTE (I'm just going to call it the Evo for the sake of brevity). I don't really like the machined aluminum edge on the Evo nor the one-third glossy, two-thirds matte back. The Galaxy Nexus gets some points deducted for its all glossy body. Then the Galaxy S3 is at the bottom. I don't particularly hate the design, I just don't really like it. I just think the whole inspired by nature theme Samsung is trying to do is just bullshit, not to mention tacky.

Operating System (And Ecosystem)

In terms of app quality, the iPhone obviously dominates; no questions asked. But in terms of functionality (widgets, notification toggles), the playing field is more leveled off. Most of the features that come by default on an Android phone (such as widgets and notification bar toggles) can be replicated on the iPhone. But it would be dificult. I don't really want to go through Cydia and find the necessary tweaks (I refuse to call Cydia an app store, its more of a tweak store). On top of that, the tweaks themselves are usually pretty badly implemented. For example, SBSettings (the thing that lets you drop down the notification bar and toggle settings is implemented in a ugly way. The theme of the buttons don't really match the overall theme of the bar and the entire bar is off center. And let's be honest, the entire iOS Notification Center is a ripoff of Android's notification bar. I'm not aware of any widgets you can install on the iPhone. I currently own an iPod touch and an iPad. Quite frankly, I feel that the OS is quite stale and boring. There's just nothing interesting about it. Meanwhile with Android, I can add in all of these live wallpapers, change the app launcher, change the lock screen and do countless other things. So for OS design, I prefer Android. Obviously, the app quality on Android phones is lacking. But its not horrible. To be fair, some of the iOS apps have some horrible UIs. I do kinda like Siri though. But I believe its a gimmicky thing. I probably won't use it after the first month of having the iPhone. The Galaxy S3's voice command feature is a straight up ripoff of Siri, you can't argue that the S3's feature is original. I don't really like the TouchWiz skin on the S3 because it just looks cartoonish. I do like the Holo theme on the Galaxy Nexus because of how futuristic it looks. The Sense skin doesn't look bad, it just doesn't look great either. So, for this category, the Galaxy Nexus is king, followed by the Evo, the iPhone 4S, and then the S3.


To be frank, I can't stand a 3.5" screen. Its just tiny (especially considering how fat my fingers are, my thumb alone, which is going to my typing fingers on any touchscreen, covers up 7 keys!). I have trouble with the iOS keyboard. I think its mainly because of the small keys, which would be remedied in all three of the Android competitors. I know I can step up to any of the Android phones without sacrificing pixel destiny (which I do enjoy on my iPod touch). But is the Pentile display really that bad? Otherwise though, the three Android phones are equal. I would rank the Evo as top, followed by a tie of the S3 and Galaxy Nexus, and then the iPhone 4S.


The front camera on all four devices are bad to the point where they don't really matter. According the various sample pictures I've looked at, the iPhone 4S is king, followed by the Evo, the S3, and then the Galaxy Nexus.

Battery Life

From all the reviews and comparisons I've read on tech websites such as The Verge, it is apparent that Android is very lacking in battery management. So battery life essentially becomes a contest to see who has the lightest skin and the largest battery. So the iPhone 4S reigns supreme, followed by a three way tie between the three Android phones. The Nexus obviously has the lightest "skin". The S3 has the largest battery, but the constant front camera monitoring and microphone can't be good for the battery life. The One X has a light skin and a decently large battery.

So people of The Verge, which phone do you think I should buy?