If not Apple, who could have brought us an "iPhone Level" smartphone?

I wrote this forum post as a comment here, its a topic I'd like to hear more about from others, who disagree.

Please provide an example of *who* would have made the iPhone Level product? I named the main companies around that time in my post above, ( "....Not RIM, not Nokia, not Sony Ericcsson, not Sharp, not Samsung, not Motorola…….not Palm.....") - which one of those bozos were going to make the iPhone? Christ, look at what happened to them, they've had their ass kicked up oneside of the street and down the other! They're literally all near bankruptcy as of 2012, its been clear they were on deaths door since ~2010.

I look after Rescued Hens, I love them all very much. Heres a recent photo of Hurt Hen, named as such because of how she was missing all the feathers from her neck as you can see here Hens and Roosters are quite clever in the length of their neck, how they can *literally* clean each part of their body (apart from their head itself!), they also keep each other clean. Hurt Hen is very sweet, but this photo? This position? Its representative of the Pre iPhone phone companies - their heads up their damn asses!

You cannot give an example showing otherwise, its not possible, with all the old companies crapped out now in 2012, Sony hasnt made a profit since, what, 2008 or something? Nokia literally went to the ledge, now they're relient entirely on Microsoft, itself The Company That Couldnt when it comes to tablets and smartphones, Motorola? Similar situation.......they are all screwed, with only Samsung and Apple making any real money The Verge : "Apple, Samsung scoop up 99% of profits" The others, those apparently fighting for the remaining one percent, how in the hell could they have brought us an iPhone Level device? They couldnt.

Do you disagree? Do you think if Apple hadnt come around in early 2007, Nokia would somehow have "just figured it all out" and came up with a stunning new device of iPhone Level? Or Sony Ericcsson? Or RIM, would they already have had "The Blackberry 10,000" ?

You can see more photos of my Rescued Hen Friends here :-)