I dropped my Android phone and went back to Blackberry - an update

I posted a while back on my experience switching back to Blackberry from Android. Now that a little more time has gone by I thought I'd post an update on my little experiment.

Yes, I am still using the Blackberry as my daily driver. It is an old BB Style I picked up on Ebay for cheap because my Sprint upgrade window is still a half a year away.

I'm still loving the ease of use for core communications (calls, texts, emails, BBM), but I get quickly frustrated when trying to navigate menus and submenus to get anywhere with apps. Oh, and I could devote an entire post to the insanity of having to reboot the phone any time an app updates.

The phone was pretty well worn when I got it, and I confess I've added a few scuffs and scratches myself. But it still keeps soldiering on, delivering great call quality and reception. And my typing speeds are already back to pre-touch screen levels. Nothing beats a Blackberry keyboard.

Something new since my initial post is the paired functionality with a Playbook tablet. I once thought the so-called "Blackberry Bridge" was nothing more than a marketing gimmick. There is some interesting functionality here, though, that I hope RIM will keep refining. Once you set up the connection, your phone and tablet become like two parts of one device. Serious Voltron imagery going on here! PIM features that live on the phone can be viewed, modified or deleted from the tablet. Likewise, the phone can remotely control the tablet for things like video playback, powerpoint slides and the like. I'm notified of incoming calls on the tablet, but curiously I can't answer the call from the tablet. In fact, phone and sms features are noticeably absent in an otherwise useful app. Bridge also acts as an internet tether, but don't plan on browsing the Verge with it, at least not on Sprint's network.

The significance of pairing with the Playbook has probably bought the Blackberry a little more time as my daily phone, just because web browsing and apps are so much easier to navigate on the Playbook. An unfair advantage? Possibly, but let's be real, BBOS6 needs all the help it can get.