Adobe is announcing that the latest version of its professional design suite, Adobe CS6, is available for purchase today , May 7th, for both OS X and Windows. The company is also giving a date for the launch of its Creative Cloud distribution platform — May 11th. The option gives subscribers access to all of Adobe’s professional tools for a $49.99 monthly fee.

CS6 includes revisions to all of Adobe’s Creative Suite apps, from Photoshop to After Effects, and as usual the company is offering a variety of packages and price points for people in different industries — ranging from $699 for a single Photoshop license, to $2,599 for the 16-app Master Collection. If you’ve been using the CS6 beta up until now, it’s probably a good idea to spend the cash soon if you don't want to lose your apps; Adobe has already stopped offering the beta for download, and we’re expecting it to draw to a close any day now.