Apple Core - I Have 2 Bones To Pick With You Guys, One Genuine, One Kind Of Trivial!

Ok apple core... I have been reading these forums and I have to rant about two of the stupid things that some people have been posting

First of all, The "Next" iPhone screen size... There is a reason why the iPhone screen size has stayed the same over the past five generations... the first and most obvious of which is fragmentation... its bad enough with the retina graphics of the iPad 3 doubling the size of some apps, apple doesn't want to be forcing its developers to create apps which will automatically resize based on screen size... its actually one of the reasons why graphics on android devices aren't the greatest... The second of reason why the iPhone screen size has stayed the same for five generations is because whether you people like it or not the screen size is that size for a reason... it's actually the perfect size... think about it... hold your iphone in your hand, notice that you can easily press each corner of the screen and each button on the edges with a single hand... phones were originally designed to be used with a single hand... it annoys me how these "Super-big mega high res screens" on android phones are marketed as a positive features... I don't know about you guys but if i'm really busy i want to be able to type a text message on my phone and do something else with my other hand... with phones like the HTC one x and the galaxy note if find myself forced to use two hands

Secondly, although kind of trivial... I really want people to stop calling the next generation of iPhone the 'iPhone 5'... common sense would tell people that the next iPhone will most likely be called the iPhone 6

  • Original iPhone - iPhone 1
  • iPhone 3G - iPhone 2
  • iPhone 3GS - iPhone 3
  • iPhone 4 - iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S - iPhone 5
  • [Next iPhone] - iPhone 6

Or you know... they could just call it 'The New iPhone'