Android won't receive group texts from iPhone

For many months I have noticed that my Galaxy Nexus will not receive texts from iPhones that are sent to multiple recipients (group text). Has anybody else noticed this issue on their Android device?

If the iPhone texts me directly I receive the text with no issue; however, if I am one of many recipients on a group text I never receive the text (this occurs 100% of the time - not randomly).


  • I have two contacts running 4S that I know for sure I am not receiving their group texts, but I am not sure if it only happens with 4S.

  • I think I am often the only non-iPhone user in the list of recipients, I'll have to run some tests tonight to see if that is a factor (maybe the iPhone converts it to an iMessage when it sees other iPhone(s) in the list and so I never receive it).
  • This occurs if the group text is simple text or if it includes a picture.
  • This happens on stock 4.0.2, 4.0.4, and CM9 nightlies.
  • I am running Handcent SMS and I have not ruled it out as a possible cause...I will run some tests tonight; however, if I open default Messages app the texts are not in there, either.

Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!