You will be surprised to know how much display size you gain by eliminating the horizontal bezel

Smartphone display is the main human interface competent , because of this fact; smartphone makers worked hard to maximize the display size, but if you think there is no room to improvements, you would be wrong.

If we look at the ration of recent smartphone display area to the mobile front profile area , you will be surprise to know that in most smart phones; display take less than two third of the mobile front profile*.

In the table below i compare 5 different smart phones ,in terms of the ratio (in percentage) between the display area to the mobile front area profile**


The New display column represent the display size if we extend the display width to the full device width (no horizontal bezel) while still maintaining the same original aspect ratio of the display, you can clearly see that we can gain huge boost in display size without the need to change the device original size by simply eliminating the horizontal bezel

Just Imagine your One X with 5.6" display instead of 4.7 or your big 5.3" Galaxy Note display getting even bigger up to 6.2" display without the need to change your mobile size profile .... Amazing!

* front profile area size don't take into account the device curves
**calculation formula:
Display_width (mm)= X_resolution/DPI (x 25.4 to convert to mm)
Display_height (mm)=Y_resolution/DPI (x 25.4 to convert to mm)
Display Area (mm²) = Display_width x Display_height
Front Area (mm²) = Mobile_width x Mobile_height
New_display_width (inch) = Mobile_width
New_display_height (inch) = Mobile_width/X_resolution*Y_resolution
New_display_size (inch) = √(New_display_width²+New_display_height ²) (
Pythagorean theorem)