Indefinite Vacation From Twitter

Forgive me for being self-indulgent, but I just wanted to voice this out: Taking a little page from Paul Miller, I've decided to jump off Twitter indefinitely.

I joined Twitter in December 2008. Not much was going on, Then everyone got on it. It's a wonderful tool for getting tons of information from the world if you look in the right places.

Of course, since everybody is welcome to the party, the party becomes less fun. I found this happen with Facebook. It was just a couple of thousand and now EVERYBODY is on there. People who think they know you want to be your friend. It's just a crowded space which has become less fun.

Twitter is going the same way in my opinion. Anonymity could be good at times on the internet but it can also be used for the wrong reasons. It can so easy for people to be racist. You can easily create an account, get a fake name and just badgering anyone who wants. People are not held accountable.

I get a lot of funny jokes but sometimes jokes turn into something else. It turns into a mob mocking someone's pain or failure. I see this especially with sports events. We can all laugh once in a while but sometimes it turns into a crowd humiliation of that an individual.

Sometimes being an avid twitter user, there have been times when you actually forget people are reading what you write and you write something you shouldn't have.

I feel like I'm slowly joining the Twitter mob.

Everything has it's advantages and disadvantages, it's positives and negatives. I feel like I'm seeing too much negative. You may say that maybe I'm following the wrong people. That could be. But I feel there's a larger problem.

So, I'm off twitter. No twitter apps on my phone. No Tweetdeck on my laptop. No Twitter bookmark in my browser. I'll be back. But it won't be sooner, but rather later.