Originally launched a little over a year ago, T-Mobile has announced that its VoIP and messaging service Bobsled has now surpassed one million users. 95 percent of those users aren't T-Mobile subscribers, according to the company, and since last April they've racked up over 10 million calls. When it comes to calls made to phone numbers, 80 percent originated outside of the US, while with messaging things are the opposite, as 90 percent of all messages are sent within the United States. The service has slowly been adding new features over the last year — while it initially offered only Facebook-to-Facebook calls, eventually support was added for calling landline and mobile numbers in the US, Puerto Rico, and Canada from both desktop and mobile apps. Of course, while one million users is nothing to scoff at, Bobsled still sits far behind competitors like Skype, which has had as many as 35 million users online concurrently.