"iCloud not enough?" Microsoft asks on a new promotional page that aims to persuade Mac users to try SkyDrive, its cloud storage solution. While SkyDrive is nowhere near as automatic as iCloud for storing and syncing files, it does offer 7GB of free storage (25GB if you got in early), perfect integration with the Microsoft Office suite, and the ability to sync and share notes out of the box for free using OneNote. iCloud, in comparison, syncs notes but does not let you share or access them from the web. Also, SkyDrive (like Dropbox) can handle all sorts of files while iCloud sticks to iWork documents and files inside apps like iA Writer — there's no real file system for storing your files in the cloud. Microsoft even provides a specific page to help you move from iDisk to SkyDrive.

We've found that SkyDrive is indeed a great option for Mac users. For a full comparison of cloud syncing apps, check out our hands-on comparison feature.