A perfect example of why Linux will never succeed in overtaking Windows.

Firstly, I have two monitors. One of them is HDMI and is oriented horizontally, as you would normally expect a monitor to be, the other monitor is DVI and rotated 90 degrees. When I first booted into the installer it mirrored the monitors, I was certainly happy about this! Then after the install it booted up the first time and was only displaying on the monitor that was rotated 90 degrees. I was surprised and a bit annoyed, so I opened up System Settings -> Displays *and only one monitor was listed*, there were also no rotation options.

After fumbling around for a bit I realized that the NVIDIA proprietary drivers had been installed, despite my disdain for dealing with xorg.config through NVIDIA's control panel. I was never asked if I wanted them installed and it's surprising that they just get installed by default. I was expecting Nouveau drivers to be the default, as they have been in the past.

Here is where the real problem begins.

The default xorg.conf is not parsable by the NVIDIA control panel. When I try to save my settings I get the error below.

Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!

I'm not sure I'm even capable of expressing how annoyed I am right now with Ubuntu. I realize that at least some of the blame falls on NVIDIA but why weren't the Nouveau drivers default? More importantly, why wasn't I given a choice? The NVIDIA control panel is notorious for throwing errors in everyones face.

I'm surprised, not at NVIDIA's control panel not functioning properly, because everyone expects that, but at Ubuntu for choosing the NVIDIA drivers over Nouveau, especially considering all the headlines I've been reading lately like the one below.

Nouveau open source NVIDIA driver goes stable

Ubuntu is "stylishly simple, proven, practical, easy to use," "our community welcomes new users every day," then quoting "I use Ubuntu because I need a system that is easy to set up..." Anyone with little to no experience with Linux would be immediately put off by this problem, and while this writing focuses on just one there are certainly quite a few others.

I've been using Linux since sometime in mid-2008, so I solved this problem without much hassle just to find that there is no way to setup monitor rotation without editing a text file manually. Is anyone surprised?