Is it worth upgrading to Lion?

Hey guys. Here's my deal.

I am currently on Snow Leopard 10.6.8 and have zero complaints about it. That said, I want to be on the latest (and greatest) version, and I also want to be ready for Mountain Lion this summer. That, and I'm interested in dabbling a bit with XCode 4, which requires Lion to begin with.

The reason I never bothered upgrading was because I was nervous my BetterTouchTool gestures would get all messed up, and rewiring them could be a bit of work. Also, Nilay, and the other Verge Staffers have repeatedly shown their discontent with Lion. You could see why I'm a bit reluctant.

I also read that Lion drains the battery and eats more RAM than SL, although that was before the updates.

Do you think Lion is safe to upgrade to at this point? Is it easy to reconfigure the BTT preferences?