Wilson Electronics is showing off its newly upgraded Sleek wireless signal booster at CTIA, the Sleek 4G-A, and we just got a chance to check it out in person. The device is intended to boost wireless signal strength for phones and mobile hotspots, and is designed to work with AT&T 700MHz LTE — but Wilson says it's capable of boosting the signal of all 2G and 3G networks except for Nextel and iDEN. To demonstrate the booster Wilson used a Faraday cage with the antenna leading out of the cage to the top of its exhibit. While the cage wasn't able to ding the signal strength of my own Evo 3D, it dropped Wilson's own demo phone on Verizon's network from -63 dB to -91 dB. When the wireless booster was activated, the phone's signal strength jumped up to -31 dB — a marked improvement. The Sleek 4G-A will retail for $129.95 and should debut sometime in Q3 2012.