Evernote just pushed out version 4.2 of its popular iOS app, which includes a "major note editor upgrade" that moves around icons, better checkboxes, support for attaching Photo Stream images to notes, a redesigned audio recorder, and several bug fixes and enhancements. Among the most noticeable new updates, attachment icons now inhabit the top of the notes editor, and the text styling page has been relocated to a better spot — a small icon just above your keyboard. It's also great that you can now indent checkboxes, so you can do task lists in nested/outline form. Lastly, the audio recorder no longer looks like a hack — it now replaces your top navigation bar while you're recording and just looks a lot prettier. Here's the full update log from Evernote:

Major note editor upgrade and redesign for iOS 5 on iPhone

  • Easy access to attachment features
  • Improved placement of text styling and formatting options
  • Redesigned note info screen
  • More powerful note editing capabilities
  • Improved checkbox functionality for iOS 5 on iPhone
  • Added support for checkbox indentation
  • Create a checkbox list by adding a new line after the first box
  • Improved attachments
  • Added support for Photo Stream images
  • Redesigned audio recorder
  • Option to turn off note auto-titling
  • Option to turn off automatic Save to Camera Roll function
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements