Smart Phones, Dumb PCs

The term "smart phone" didn't always have the same meaning. Like many things in life, it changed accordingly to what the existing technology of a given time could bring to the table and, of course, the expectations of the people who used and continue to use them. Early smartphones could send e-mails and access WAP sites, hardly a feature worthy of any special mention in today's reality, whereas modern smartphones can do all sorts of exciting things, even talk to you and understand what you actually mean.

All of these features are super cool and effective, but what about these other devices that we still use daily and satisfy (untill today) the vast majority of our content consumption, multimedia, communication and work needs? That's right, I'm talking about the PC/Mac.

WHY ON EARTH isn't there a Siri equivalent for the PC? Why can my freaking phone understand what I mean and not my PC? Why can I set an alarm with my voice on an IPhone and not on my Mac? It's crazy, if you come and think about it. We have all this reduntant processing power on our modern PCs idling on the backround and we can't actually make anything usefull with it. I'm running 4 cores on my main PC since 2007 (when I bought a Q6600) and the only time I actually come any close to using over 2 or 3 cores is when I encode video (which I only do occasionally these days).

The possibilites are endless: you could organise meetings using your voice, and have your PC send the related e-mails to your co-workers, or have it download your photos from your camera, set them in albums or resize them, and upload them to your facebook account. Using the web camera, your laptop could see where you are so that it auto sleeps/awakens the screen. The possibilities are so many that I can't possibly enumerate and prioritize the best of them. So how come noone have done it by now?