Evernote's had a big week — the company purchased Penultimate yesterday, released an updated iOS app earlier today, and now it's releasing a big update for the Evernote Mac app. The biggest change visually is the new "card view," which bears a lot of similarity to views already found in the Evernote iPad app as well as the fullscreen mode in the Mac app's earlier versions. Evernote is a big fan of this view, encouraging users to hide the left and right side interface elements and just browse through a full window of note cards. That option is part of the new card view action bar, which lets users choose size options, layouts, and different sorting methods.

Another most welcome change is the ability to easily export all attached images and files from a note (or multiple notes) right to the Finder. There's a variety of smaller changes as well, like improved printing options, date and time stamp shortcuts, a redesigned account info page, and a highly-requested word and character count for notes. That's not to mention the ever-present stability and speed enhancements. Overall, this sounds like a pretty comprehensive upgrade, though long-time users might find the new card view a little bit jarring at first.