@ Concept Phones: What's the best you've seen you wish came to market?

The aftermath of the galaxy s III spurred me to seek out something more inspiring in terms of design, and I found plenty. The S III in particular bothered me with its excessive curves, but Myriam put her finger on the aspect that was most jarring to me.


via cdn3.digitaltrends.com

see the square edges of the screen? the screen squared off edges meeting that curved edge of the phone design makes it look like chunks of the phone were cut off, it's ugly to my eyes and ruins the design.

But all design is not lost, samsung screwed up but others have come up with some great looking concepts, the first one I found which looks pretty slick to my eyes is this iphone concept:


via www.concept-phones.com

What do you think of it? and what do you think looks best?