Clarity is a division of Plantronics whose tagline is "Smart for seniors," and its latest product falls directly into that niche. Dubbed the Clarity Pal, its main feature is an audio "boost mode" that cranks up the volume to 25 decibels so that the hard of hearing can still use a phone. We gave it a shot here at CTIA on our (relatively well-functioning) ear drums and found it to be painfully loud — which means it was performing exactly to spec, we suppose. Clarity also has added in extra loud touchtones on the very large, rubbery buttons and a panic button on the back, which can be pre-programmed to any number.

Clarity was pushing the messaging that the phone would be ideal for certain disabled consumers (the company says that it's testing the device for the blind as well), noting that it's hearing-aid compatible. It should begin selling in June for $99 unlocked — and since there's no data to worry about it should operate just fine on the GSM carrier of your choice. Just because it's a smartphone world doesn't mean that there isn't a place for something that cuts out the frills.